Alana Loveys

Alana Loveys
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I'm Into.

Throughout my school years, I have been involved in many activities and continue to dedicate myself to these activities while trying to make room in my busy schedule to participate in more! I love having something to do and become bored easily. I think this is because at a very young age my parents had me participate in art classes, skating, girl guides, piano lessons, girl quest camps and swimming lessons. As I got older I lost interested in most of these activities but quickly found many more that met my interest.
            Since primary school I have been involved in sports. Without sports I really do not know how I would be able to survive. Cross country running is one of my favourite sports. My mom runs everyday and she started to get me to run with her when I was little and I have continued to run since. I like this sport because you can practice on your own time indoors or out and it keeps you active. I also like how it is an interest me and my mom, and also some of my friends share. I play many other sports in school such as basketball, volley ball, cheerleading, badminton, softball and soccer. I like playing team sports because it is a way to socialize, have fun and get exercise. In particular, I love the tournaments, especially when it involves going on a trip with the team. Swim team is another activity that I had participated in. It was a really good workout and helped me get my endurance up for running. I participated as a member on the swim team for 7 years but because my schedule became overloaded and because I got a job at the pool I had to make a decision between swim team and all of the school sports. Besides sports, I dance 3 nights a week as a member of Danceworx studio. I have been involved in dance for 11 years and have taken ballet, jazz, and modern classes. Also I got the chance to take some hip hop and contemporary workshops for professional dances. I enjoy dancing because it is a time I can look forward to on school nights where I can take a break from my school work to spend with friends. I am extremely excited for dance this year because I am participating in a dance competition and get to host and dance in this year’s recital. I have been a little musical my whole life but would not consider myself any sort of musician! I mainly enjoy music as a hobby. When I was little, as I mentioned I played piano, but I lost interest and began to look for another instrument to play. In junior high I played flute in the band for a year but did not enjoy it. That is when I turned to guitar. I took guitar lessons for a few months but had to stop because I was too busy! I did not want to give it up because I loved it so I continued to teach myself how to play and I still play! I have been in school choirs since primary school and now I am involved in the glee club at my school. I enjoy public speaking and I have participated in many speak offs. This led me to get involved in drama and improv which I really enjoy! I have been a part of plays at the drama festival and this year I am still involved in these events.
            All of my activities presented to me many opportunities to get involved in volunteering. I have helped out at cross country runs because of my involvement with running. Also I have volunteered a number of times at swim meets timing, marshalling, and at the canteen. Because of the great amount of time that I spent at the pool growing up for swimming lessons, swim team and work, I became involved as a coach for the Special Olympics Swim Club. This was one of my favourite experiences as a volunteer. I really enjoyed going and it was touching to see how every one of them have their own special qualities that made them who they are. I was a volunteer at the swim club all of last year, every Wednesday night. However, because of my hectic schedule this year, I was not able to take part in it. I really miss going to help out and I am crossing my fingers that next year I can allow to take some time out of my busy schedule to go and volunteer.  School sports have also given me chances to volunteer. I help set up for tournaments that we host in our school and also volunteer to do the clock and score sheets for the games, sit at the door to collect money, or run the canteen. I enjoy volunteering at the games to show school spirit by cheering on our team and lending a hand while socializing a little too! Because of my involvement in cheer and dance I got to participate in many community events. Some of the events that I got to volunteer at, this year and previous years, were the Relay for life and the Santa Claus parades in our town and other near by towns, Fashion shows, Recitals, and even Pageants. I enjoy stepping out to participate in these community events by helping to set up, perform and clean up. It is a great way to have fun while taking part in your activity but to also do your share to help out your community. One of my favourite things to volunteer at is counselling at Burry Heights Church Camp. This year I had the opportunity to go to the camp that I have camped at for many years as a camper and get to council. Looking after lots of kids can be tough but it was an experience that I would not change for the world. It was great to get to use my leadership qualities; also having the kids look up to me as a role model was touching. I loved every minute of that week and will continue to council for as long as I possibly can!
            I still continue to volunteer. If the chance is presented I take it! I love being able to help out when I can because the feeling of volunteering is rewarding. My activities have not changed drastically in the past few years. I am still involved in most things that I have been in previous years and will continue to be as long as my schedule can accommodate them. Little things such as the instrument that I play, style of dance that I do have changed but I have not changed the activities that I take part in. I love everything that I am into and even though it is hard trying to balance my schedule to make time for my activities, school work and time with my friends I would not change it for the world. What I do makes me who I am.